Sunday, November 6, 2011

Which Safe Baby Walker?

Each step is a milestone in the growth of the child, and so it is very important. These steps occur in nature, one after another at their own pace and not be hindered or disturbed in the middle. Why do I say this because, walkers can be a hindrance to the natural flow of pedestrian phase of the child's life.

Baby walkers, according to studies, not to strengthen the development, they may be responsible for delayed motor development of children. A child, while Walker was in a semi-works. This position allows him / her to use only his / her leg muscles to move and not give a chance to use his / her thigh and hip muscles, which he / she will use later. Using a walker inhibits the development of young children. A child must go through the stage of learning to roll, crawl and sit before it begins to walk unaided and without falling. Contrary to popular belief, there are no benefits as such using a walker. Instead, they are a cause for concern. Parents who are not aware of its disadvantages and dangers that may precipitate feel the baby walkers will help the child learn to walk without falling, providing support when it has not yet mastered how to the balance.

Instead, these walkers can be responsible for developing the muscles of the thigh at the end of the children.


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